• Cold winter days call for comfort food in bed!  Enjoy portobello mushroom risotto but don’t have the time? ‍@ruffieau has a frozen range to quickly satisfy all your needs whilst being a great source of protein and vegan friendly?! 

  • When I’m struggling mentally, the last thing I feel like doing is A) choosing what to eat and then B) cooking it or sourcing it. Sometimes, I just don’t eat because it feels too hard. So during those days (or weeks), I turn to my beloved Ruffie Rustic Foods frozen range - delish ready-made meals that are meat-free, plant-based, vegan-friendly and a good source of protein.

  • I seriously love cooking in the kitchen, but sometimes Dad wants a day off and I just want to focus on ME!⁠ @ruffieau have a bunch of convenient vegan-friendly frozen meals available that make life that much easier at times.⁠

  • Get yourself a plant-based frozen meal range that you love, and you'll never skip/miss a meal again @ruffieau have recently converted their whole frozen offering at Woolies to completely vegan - Yay! 

  • Pub grub! Minus the pub - and make it Vegan ‍️ I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good pub feed, but let’s be real - we don’t always have time to duck into our local and grab a chicken schnitty let alone chow down on a delicious plant-based version of

  • Spaghetti & meat-free balls in Napoli sauce.. don't mind if I do! 🍝@ruffieau comes to the rescue on those days where I don’t feel like cooking (or cleaning let’s be real) and want a delicious ready-made meal. The meals are full of flavour and a good source of protein with the meat-free substitutes🙌🏼

Chicken-Less Schnitzel + Penne Pomodoro

We start with freshly cooked penne then top with a rich Pomodoro sauce made with ripe tomatoes, capsicum and Zucchini, then finish with our plant-based Chicken-Less Schnitzel - Yum!

Health Benefits
Great source of protein and vegan friendly. Contains no artificial colours and flavours.



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